Astragalus quick and easy traditional decoction


Pour 1 personne

  • 40 g Astragalus root
  • 2½ cups of water
  • Édulcorant (optionnel)


  • Bring water to boil.
  • Add Astragalus and boil for another 3 minutes.
  • Pour through a fine cloth or coffee filter to strain.
  • Add sweetener if desired but taste it first because Astragalus is naturally sweet.

Dose quotidienne recommandée

Drink this whole amount of tea in two times to cover your Astragalus daily intake. You can also increase the quantity of Astragalus root up to 240 g with sufficient water to drink your tea in four times.

Préparation et dosage

Astragalus is traditionally used as a strong decoction, made from boiling the dried root in water for a long time. The tea (decoction) dose used to manage diabetes ranges from 20 g twice a day to 60 g four times a day. Start with 40 g/day, which can be increased, according to outcome, up to 240 g/day.

Bienfaits pour la santé attestés

Astragalus improves visual acuity and fundus manifestations in patients with diabetic retinopathy.

Recipes with Astragalus

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